Guest commentary: Social media plays integral part of business’s advertising 


Louise Valentine is a physiologist, trainer, holistic health expert and CEO of Breaking Through Wellness.

It should come as little surprise that, over the last 10 years, businesses have become increasingly reliant on the internet for everything from selling products to hiring new employees. On top of this, social media platforms have revolutionized the way businesses operate, particularly when it comes to advertising. As the owner of a predominantly remote multiservice integrative health, nutrition and performance business serving active women ages 35-plus, I have found social media to be an indispensable tool for providing reliable education and connecting with my target audience. Its unparalleled reach and versatile features have allowed me to thrive in the ever-evolving world of online entrepreneurship, especially as a military spouse for whom a bricks-and-mortar business is not feasible, due to frequent relocations.

One of my favorite parts about using Facebook as my primary advertising platform is its massive userbase. As a remote clinic, my success hinges on connecting with individuals seeking accessible coaching, regardless of their geographical location. I have been able to tap into a broader audience, expanding my reach beyond Delaware to coach throughout the world, from former Olympians to everyday active women seeking expert knowledge and resources to work with their changing hormones.

Moreover, social media advertising tools enable me to target specific demographics, ensuring that my advertisements reach those who are most likely to benefit from my services. With its detailed targeting options, I can focus my outreach efforts on women 35-plus who greatly value their ability to be healthy, fit and active for life. Clients share that they are thrilled to have found an industry-leading expert who empowers them to break through confusing information, fully understands their body’s needs at a critical time in life and provides actionable tips, so they can feel their best. This level of precision allows me to engage with potential clients and build a community of engaged individuals who share my passion for being unstoppable in their health, fitness or running.

In addition to its advertising capabilities, Facebook provides a comprehensive platform for displaying information about my business. There, I have shared my journey in becoming a leading expert and, more importantly, shared inspiring testimonials from clients successfully rewriting their age-35-plus stories to be ones of optimal health, energy and fitness. The flexibility of the platform enables me to curate a visually appealing and interactive page, incorporating photos, videos and reliable educational content to serve my audience at my highest level. It serves as a one-stop hub for potential clients to learn helpful cutting-edge health and fitness information that can benefit their whole family’s well-being, to connect with me and to stay updated on events.

Social media remains an integral part of my business strategy. Its unparalleled reach, precise targeting, versatile features and emphasis on community make it an indispensable tool for my remote health-and-fitness company. Thanks to Facebook, I attended Meta’s 2023 Advocacy Day, where I was able to connect with Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons’ team on issues that affect small businesses in Delaware. My time in Washington, D.C., was an invaluable experience that I hope to replicate moving forward. I have no doubt that Facebook will continue to play a major role in my business.

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