Dalleo: Republicans’ behavior at trial ‘embarrassing’


I was concerned to see the news of Donald Trump’s trial, where prominent elected Republican officials stood at the New York City courthouse March 14 to call the trial a scam, accuse the judge of corruption without evidence and state many other untrue and politically motivated charges. These individuals, most of whom are clearly auditioning to be Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate pick, have embarrassed themselves and demonstrated their craven hypocrisy. Tommy Tuberville admitted in an interview that the project to have surrogates show up at Trump’s trial was intended to “undercut the gag order” that ruled that Trump could not publicly attack the witnesses, jurors or court personnel. So, Trump has commanded that his minions harangue our system of justice for him. In particular, to see the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, R-La., make such charges is a stinging rebuke of his judgment and chills me, since he is second in line to succeed to the power of the presidency. His charges undermine the rule of law and lead me to conclude that the Republican Party has ceased to be a party of law and order, since these acts destabilize our system of government.

I ask myself, “How many of these Republicans would humiliate themselves so strikingly were they not so hungry for power and vehement desire to be picked by Trump as his vice presidential candidate nominee?” It’s a national embarrassment to see their cowardly appearances.

Bruce Dalleo


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