Timer Caps on pharmaceutical bottles can cut down opioid abuse


Opioid abuse is a growing problem but there’s one simple device that could help address this crisis. A product called Timer Cap will help prevent, under/over dosing, household diversion, and bring discipline to ensure positive long-term medication habits with medication in bottles they are dispensed in.


✔    Monitor of last dosage - Disoriented and cognitively impaired patients need a tool to know last dose to know when it safe to take another or resume driving.

✔    Managing medication in the bottles they are dispensed - Medication and labeling should be together for the highest level of patient safety

    Lift Adherence (Taking medication as prescribed) - Proven to lift adherence by up to 33%

✔    Detection of household diversion -  Child Safety packaging does not address the at risk children from 6 - 16

✔    Deterrent of unwanted openings  -   A greater likelihood of being caught reduces the attempts of diversion

✔    Habituation for long term adherence

Here is why it’s important:

As doctors and pharmacies are being scrutinized, restrictions and unifying databases are being mandated, the main culprit is not being addressed. The patients that are mentally impaired by the opioids need tools for monitoring their last drug intake.

What gets measured gets done, making the patient’s part of the solution from the beginning by giving them the right tools to be responsible with their drug intake. What is known is that patients disorientated on opioids in traditional packaging and forced to find external means of tracking are not working.

Cognitively impaired patients need automatic timers that count up since last opened to let’s patient and caregivers truly monitor usage to prevent unintended abuse, household diversion detection, and to know when it is safe again to operate a motor vehicle.

Opioid need to stay in containers they are dispensed in for maximum safety with all vital information such as: patient, medication name, pill descriptions, dosage, and side effects in case of an emergency.

Traditional dispensing in bottles with generic cap is analogues of giving a person an automobile without a speedometer. Sure they can read the posted speed signs but without a speedometer they have no way of knowing how fast or slow they are going so they can appropriately self-correct.  They can only guess or find out when pulled over by enforcement, this is what is happening to opioid patients they are already impaired and have no way to track their last usage.

The TimerCap is a cap with a built-in stopwatch, it resets every time you close the container and begins to count up to display time passed since last closed.  This means the cap is not competing with labeling instructions, foolproof as it starts and resets every time its opened, simple enough for anyone to use without instructions.

TimerCaps are inexpensive and have been proven to help patients take their medication as prescribed and is the perfect tool for opioid tracking and diversion detection.  This keep medication and labeling in the container it’s dispensed in for maximum safety, keeping all vital information such as: patient, medication name, pill descriptions, dosage, side effects, warnings, prescribing doctor, pharmacy, and refill information.  This makes it simple for easy identification of medications and time of last dosage in case of emergency.

Larry Twersky, the CEO of TimerCap LLC explains the product in a video posted here: goo.gl/zoCTCA or visit https://timercap.com/

TimerCaps are available at every CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacies worldwide

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