Somerset Intermediate School student essays on Veterans Day


Cassidy Cavins, left, and Destiny Somers outside the Crisfield Elks Lodge which hosted the Veterans Day breakfast. Cassidy Cavins, left, and Destiny Somers outside the Crisfield Elks Lodge which hosted the Veterans Day breakfast.

Somerset Intermediate School students who want to serve veteran and active duty personnel during the annual Veterans Day breakfast at the Crisfield 1044 Elks Lodge are required to write an essay saying why they should be selected to go. Two essays judged as the best in their grade were provided by their instructor Cindy Taylor, for publication.

By Cassidy Cavins

Veterans Day is a holiday held on November 11, where we honor veterans. November 11 was the end of World War I. We honor those veterans who gave their lives, those who were wounded, and those who were scarred both physically and mentally.

We should celebrate veterans not only on November 11, but every day. We should honor and celebrate the men and women who fought for our freedom. They gave their lives and time to serve and protect us and keep America free. Without these brave men and women we wouldn’t be able to celebrate or show how we feel.

Greg Bissett visited our classroom and I learned a lot. He was in the United States Marine Corps and served two tours in Afghanistan. He was a tank gunner. I learned that tanks weigh 50 tons alone without any equipment in it! Most military bases don’t have asphalt roads, but instead they have concrete roads because the tanks are heavy enough to crack the asphalt. I also learned that the top of tanks aren’t nearly as thick as the side. I will always be grateful for what Sgt. Bissett did for this great country.

Veterans Day is important to me because my dad is a veteran. He was in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He drove tractor trailers that transported anything from jet fuel to empty bunkers. My three brothers are also in the military as well as my sister-in-law. My oldest brother graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2012 and is an Oceanography Officer. My middle brother graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2014 and is an Army engineer. My youngest brother will graduate from the United States Naval Academy in 2017 with hopes of becoming a pilot. My sister-in-law graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2014 and is a SWO in the Navy. I know what it is like to not see your brothers and sister for a long time. I feel that these brave veterans should be honored and thanked with a day like that. Veterans Day is very important to me because of the sacrifices of my family.

I would like to participate in this program because I would love hearing stories from veterans. I would also like to personally thank some of the many veterans that served this country. It would mean a lot if I could meet, thank, and listen to them.

— Cassidy Cavins is a sixth grader at SIS.

By Destiny Alexis Somers

What is Veterans Day? Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor those very brave and courageous soldiers that risked their lives to save ours. They gave us our freedom. They made their lives harder so that our lives could be easier. If we didn't have our soldiers, I honestly don't want to think of what this world would be like. There would be more racism between people. Our different races would be at war, and there would definitely be a lot more violence.

Our soldiers are the glue that keeps this broken country together. Not only that they inspire many. They inspire little children, teenagers, and even adults to do great things. That maybe they couldn't do before. I mean the fact that they risk their lives every day for people who take them for granted that definitely deserves honor, loyalty, and a celebration.

Why should we take a day out of the year to celebrate veterans? Well maybe because without them most of us wouldn't have a life. Or maybe because they do things that not one other person would come slightly close to. The soldiers are great people. The least we can do is give them one day of glory. I come on now!

I bet not one person (that isn't a soldier) could do what those veterans once did. I bet we couldn't even wear all of the armor that they wear without falling over from the weight or being overheated. Much less run around with loaded weapons and heave duty equipment on.

And that's not even the only thing that they do. They have some crazy skilled tech geniuses. Most people nowadays can't even put a clothespin back together much less hack highly secured data bases. I'm just saying they deserve a lot more than what they already have.

Honestly when I join the Military I want to be just like them. And I will, I'll be fighting for what I believe in and I'll be fighting for my country. I absolutely admire all soldiers of all branches. All of my prayers go out to the soldiers now and the veterans. They are amazing and admiring people and I will tell anyone that wants to know.

If it were up to me there would be at least a month dedicated towards the veterans and soldiers. Just so we can show how much we appreciate them.

Why is Veterans Day important to you? I honestly love everything about veterans. I love hearing their stories and hearing how their life was when they lived either on or off base. And I love hearing about the missions that they've been on. They risk their lives for us. That might not seem like a lot to you but you're just failing to realize the sacrifices they've made. They've sacrificed their friends and families, they miss important childhood memories, they miss birthdays, and important holidays. They miss everything that they care about just to serve our country. To me that is saying something.

I mean we don't deserve the lives we're living. We don't deserve the freedom or any of it. But our soldiers do. Our soldiers and veterans deserve all of it. I'm telling you right now if I ever had a child that went into one of the branches they would be spoiled rotten. They would get what they wanted, only because they deserved it. And they've earned everything they have today.

What did you learn from the Veterans that visited your class? I've learned how they lived. See there are two places you could live. This was on and off base. On base is where you live in dorms like you would in college. Off base is where you live in houses with your families. But that's only if you were married.

I also learned that they had to go through boot camp for 6 to 8 weeks. At the time she went for 6 weeks but now she thinks that it might be for 8 weeks. She said that boot camp was probably the hardest out of every physical class. And if they went to sleep in class or if they cut up on duty they were severely punished. They were sometimes just yelled at though. Then she said something about not being able to drop out of their branch. They had to sign a contract stating how long they had to stay in that branch. People could only be kicked out.

During the day as they were working they worked so hard that when they got back home and got in the shower as soon as they hit the hay they were out like a light by 9 p.m. Even if you're used to staying up late you wouldn't make it past 10 p.m. I also learned that they would have friends from other branches. Like how the nice woman that came into our classroom told us that she had friends from the Navy Seals, Air Force, and from other branches. And it's cool because she wasn't in the same branch as them but yet she knew them and was friends with them.

It was really cool to talk to the veteran and see how their lives were. Thank you to all of the veterans for your bravery and courage that you put forth and the effort you have shown to save our country and give us our freedom. My family and I highly appreciate everything that you all have done for us. Rest In Peace to those who might not of made it. And praise God for the lives that you have saved.

I can't thank you veterans enough for what you have done. I can't imagine how hard you all have worked and all of the times you have wanted to drop out but didn't (1. Because you can't) because you didn't want to let us down. And honestly you wouldn't be disappointing me or my family because the work that you do is hard. And it's tough but you fight through the things that you fought through but you did it. And everyone is so very proud and appreciates everything that you've done for us.

Once again I am so grateful and proud. And I can't wait to go in the Navy Seals or in the military. Thank you so much we love and appreciate you.

— Destiny Somers is a seventh grader at SIS.

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