Gov. O'Malley supports President Obama's immigration executive order


My desk in Annapolis has a sign on it that reads, “No Irish need apply.”


The sign is a reminder that almost all of us were once strangers in a strange land, and that we should do what we can to respect and appreciate the dignity of every individual.


Our diversity is our greatest strength. And the phrase on the seal of the United States—E Pluribus Unum—is not some bygone slogan from yesterday. It is the energy that fuels this great nation’s future.


That’s why I’m thrilled by yesterday’s long-awaited victory for families across America – families that are American in every way except on paper.


The President’s action also represents a victory for our country as a whole.  Because of it, we are a more compassionate nation – and a more competitive one. Immigrants have always come to this country in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families, just as my great-grandfather did. Their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit have been a core cause of America’s unmatched strength and success. The President’s action will strengthen the middle class, expand the taxpaying labor force, and protect workers from abuse.


Unfortunately, Republicans are already threatening to shutdown the government and block the new Attorney General nominee in response to the President’s action. President Obama needs to know that we stand with him.


Send a message thanking President Obama for taking bold, broad action to reform our immigration system and keep families together.


I’m proud of the gains we’ve made in Maryland without federal action – passing the DREAM Act, expanding access to drivers’ licenses, and providing refuge for more migrant children per capita than any other state.


Last night's executive order is a step forward, but comprehensive immigration reform is and must remain the final goal. We want to keep families together. Keeping families together keeps America together and makes America stronger.


That’s what we must continue fighting for – even in the face of Republican threats and obstruction.


I hope you’ll stand with me.


Martin O’Malley

Governor of Maryland

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