There’s no room in politics for personalities, vendettas


For the past several years, the Dorchester County Council has managed to put some very qualified experienced individuals in key department head positions. From all appearances, things seemed to be doing well and Dorchester County was running smoothly. People outside were, again, looking at us on a positive basis.

Then it happened. An election with some new County Council members. That in and of itself is okay because some times change is good. I don’t presume to know all the ins and outs of county politics but the only thing that appears to have shown up, this time around, is personality differences and vendettas. You can’t make me believe it makes any sense to come into a position and in the first couple of weeks start to fire department heads. Department heads who seem to be doing their jobs and, frankly, a couple who were grabbed by another County.

Questions you have to ask yourself, was this planned? Did a couple of our new Council members get together before the election or right before being sworn I and decide who they were going to terminate? Were there any legitimate reasons for their actions? There, also, seems to be a council person who either can’t think for them self or has such hatred for another member that the vote will always be with the same two.

Now, we have the same three try to pass a vote to not let the County do any business with Center Market. I equate this to the childish actions of the person who says, “It’s my ball and bat so we will play by my rules.” Good job children. Center Market, the owners and families are Dorchester County taxpayers. They should have the right to do business. I do agree any business should go out to bid. I trust the County is going through All financials and taking the same action toward any other person getting County income. It seems, this should include individuals with bus contracts.

You can call it what you want. These actions add up to hatred, vendetta and childish behavior. There is no place in our County for this. If this is the way you are going to Rule for the next four years, for the benefit of Dorchester County, resign now so we can start back on a positive path.

Editor’s note: Mr. Reed is a concerned citizen of Dorchester County.

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