Speak Up: Responses on Delaware unemployment rate


Delaware’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.1% in July from 4.2% in June, according to the Department of Labor’s August report. The unemployment rate is the lowest the state has seen since 3.7% in February 2020, just weeks before COVID-19 shutdowns. The number of employed Delawareans in the workforce in July was 482,500. There were 20,600 individuals who were unemployed, according to the report.

  • Um, have you seen all the panhandlers at just about every intersection? I doubt they’re being counted. — Pat Sy
  • And some of those people still do not work. — Carl Wilson
  • Imagine that: Places that were closed due to COVID-19 reopened. Of course the unemployment would drop. — Clay Hastings
  • So they’ll make us wear masks to go mail in votes. Watch. — Justin Mockewich
  • Seems to be the “American way” anymore. — Clay Hastings
  • And it’s sad. It’s all political. Donald Trump is up more now because of this. — Justin Mockewich
  • Most people’s filings are denied, so they stop filing. — Gary Calhoun
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