Speak up: Reader response on state retiree benefit panel, continued


The Retiree Healthcare Benefits Advisory Subcommittee, tasked with providing recommendations on proposals for retired state workers’ coverage, met Aug. 24 and Sept. 8 to consider several motions opposed by committee members who are part of the governor’s administration.

The subcommittee meets again Sept. 28, and its report is due to Gov. John Carney and the legislature by Oct. 1.

How much say should state workers have over what the state offers them in retirement benefits? What is currently missing from the equation that should be considered?

  • State retirees are simply asking for what they were promised — a Medicare Supplement plan, not a Medicare Advantage plan, where insurance companies make their profits by denying necessary medical services to beneficiaries. Many state employees worked for low wages because they knew that the state would provide good retirement benefits. The state needs to keep its promise. — Karen Peterson
  • Everyone has the right to voice their opinions and lobby for them. It’s noted it is a legislative committee of those elected by the people to represent them that made the recommendations. It is very much noted that the opposition is one person in the governor’s Cabinet. The better question to ask is how much say should one bureaucrat have over taking away or reducing benefits promised and earned by people? Another important question is why does one bureaucrat want to take this from the people who worked for the state and hand it over to a private company, Medicare Advantage (Highmark), where many conditions are required that result in reduced health care? Also, noted is Highmark’s profit for 2022 was $12 billion. That is because of those extra conditions, including a network of health care to discourage treatment and denying treatment that standard Medicare approves. This is how the one bureaucrat wants to treat retired state employees, by changing them from standard government Medicare for huge profits in a private company. — Terry Miller
  • I should have known better than to post my opinion in Delaware. I have yet to meet a Democrat in this state who is willing to listen to an opinion without blowing a circuit and crying foul. Y’all need to settle down and try to work together. — Bob Skuse
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