Speak Up: At 92, Milford’s Furnish leading fitness classes


Dot Furnish says she never makes plans too far ahead and is always ready to face whatever comes. That has become the Milford resident’s mantra as she celebrates life at 92 years old. Most recently, Ms. Furnish decided to take on the role of a substitute teacher for her fitness class at the Milford Senior Center after the previous teacher stepped down.

  • I love this woman. She is the best. She was my grandmom’s great friend. They were so funny together. Sweet woman with an amazing heart. Love you, Ms. Dot. — Alexsis Evins
  • You are loved, Dot! — Ethel White

Federal funding to be used for new Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill

The state will allocate $50 million in federal funds to build a new Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill in Smyrna, Gov. John Carney, Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long and Secretary of the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services Molly Magarik announced Wednesday.

Staff at the hospital, which originally opened in 1932, provide skilled nursing care to more than 100 residents. Construction of a 72,000-square-foot facility in Smyrna is expected to create 250-300 construction-related jobs.

  • Good luck with staffing. — Eve Angelique
  • Do they currently have staffing issues? — Dale Bert
  • Long, long overdue. Hope they can staff it and give the patients the care they deserve. — Cindy Christiansen
  • Maybe hire Delaware contractors and employees to build it, not out-of-state. — Amy Walton
  • New hospital but same staff. Time to clean house. — Jack Jordan
  • Why is it time to clean house? It’s a five-star facility, which is based on the care from current staff. — Sarah Rose
  • Why do we need a $50 million new hospital if they are a five-star facility? Reviews from Yelp? — Jack Jordan
  • The facility is five stars due to their care from the staff, not the ancient, old, rickety building. — Charlene Michelle Dover
  • Clean house? DHCI has extremely dedicated staff who devote their heart and souls and become family to residents that have no one. Every place, I’m sure including where you work, have that handful that are just there for the paycheck, but that does not define most of the DHCI staff, who do this job for a fraction of the pay that private-sector employees receive. — Charlene Michelle Dover
  • I think it’s a good thing, but I don’t think 50 million will cover the cost, thinking it will be more like 100 million-plus. So where is the other part of the money coming from? — Jeff Grzeszczak
  • Why? Doesn’t make sense that it was mostly shut down and now only to build a new hospital. — Brenda Pernol
  • DHCI has historically been known for the exceptional care they give the vulnerable populations they serve. This is long overdue for the residents and staff. — Suzanne Heritage-Madanat