SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Delaware tax debates


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Readers react to state discussions about changes to income and other taxes.

•“Yes, let’s do tobacco and alcohol. That’s never been done before and surely, raising the prices won’t cause people to stop consuming or shopping in other states. How about we not increase any taxes and instead, cut back on wasted expenditures? Until we hold legislators accountable for what they already have, we should not permit their getting anything more.” — Dennis Mehrenberg

•”Please don’t start a retail sales tax! Cut the income tax rate to 6 percent, cut but not eliminate the estate taxes! By starting a state property tax at 1 percent per thousand could raise enough revenue that would be a steady revenue stream and on ALL property no deduction for businesses or special groups! Save Delaware as a great state to live and move to!” — Douglas Mastin

•“Doing a 1 percent property tax per thousand would mean a huge increase for everyone ... no way would I be OK dishing out an extra $300 or more a month for my mortgage just so these crooks can use it for more frivolous spending. We, as taxpayers, give and give and give and it is never enough and it never WILL be enough.” — Lynn Desiree

•“If the idea is to increase tax revenues, the rest is just a dog and pony show. No matter how you dice it up, it will still be a tax increase. Think about it, they want more money so to accomplish that they ‘cut’ the tax rate but remove deductions. The end result is you pay more. And that is a tax increase by any other name.” — Steve Durnan


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