'Remembering Washington' to be presented Saturday


DOVER — On Saturday at 10 a.m., Allen McLane will be “Remembering Washington” relating how the two men knew each other for more than 20 years.

McLane had served under Commander George Washington as an intelligence officer and captain of a partisan company whose directions from Gen. Washington were to be his “eyes and ears” to report regularly on the enemy’s position, strength and intentions and as much as possible to disrupt the movement of the British.

After the Revolutionary War McLane served in two appointments to federal government posts - both appointments by President Washington.

Allen McLane will be portrayed by Tom Welch who will be standing next to the 1802 life-sized portrait of George Washington in the Senate Chamber of the Old State House in Dover..

The program can be accessed here.

Interested persons can access the program later by logging into the websites of the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs or the Friends of Old Dover. This program is jointly sponsored by these two organizations.