Longacre: MAGA Republican Party is ‘all sauce, no spaghetti’


Every now and then, I come across a letter that looks like it’s right out of the “Make America Great Again” cookbook, all sauce and no spaghetti.

The recent letter by Richard Spencer is in this category (“Threat of Marxism causes concern,” Aug. 2). In brief, it calls Democrats “communists” and adds that communism is “evil and barbaric.” Then, as if in explanation, Spencer says that communists are for the “abolishment of private property.” Nowhere does he present evidence that Democrats actually take this position.

What his statement does indicate, in my opinion, is that what counts as intelligent discourse for the MAGA Republican Party is name-calling. This trait comes straight from their leader, Donald Trump.

This country and world have a lot of urgent problems, none of which can be solved with this mind-set. Remember this before you vote in 2024.

Frederick Longacre


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