Gaddis: Biden, Trump comparison is a ‘false equivalency’


I would like to know why other people and I think so differently about things. What did they read, see or hear that I missed? I expected such clarity from Larry Koch’s letter comparing the two most likely presidential candidates (“Writer says neither Biden nor Trump suitable for presidency,” July 23). Instead, there was the usual false equivalency of these two men, as heavily pushed by the Republicans.

Regarding No. 45, Mr. Koch lists as disqualifying factors Donald Trump’s abusive campaign tactics and his loss of the E. Jean Carroll suit for sexual assault, defamation, etc., thus becoming a “court-certified” sexual abuser. This is public information.

Regarding No. 46, Mr. Koch offers a cartoon caricature of a senile guy supposedly afraid to campaign in person or meet real voters, an odd fantasy belied by extensive news coverage of Joe Biden’s heavy traveling in the USA and around the world. This, too, is public information.

Regarding the balance of this letter, perhaps Mr. Koch has forgotten a time-honored tradition that, in Congress and the Supreme Court among other government entities, members refer to their colleagues as “friends,” even when they regard opposing ideologies as despicable (e.g., Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg). This is done to facilitate working together on disparate issues for the common good of all Americans. Screaming at “enemies” on the floor of the House of Representatives, as do the Freedom Caucus members, doesn’t result in cooperation.

Mr. Koch also mentioned Hunter Biden. Regarding their son’s well-known self-destructive behaviors, the only comment Joe and Jill Biden have made is that they love their son and support his efforts to rebuild his life. Stabilizing such a mess is difficult under the best of circumstances (which don’t exist here). Aside from being none of our business, their family privacy should not be breached; they will give us appropriate information as they choose when things are settled. The GOP twisting of facts and holier-than-thou criticism is egregious. The previous administration’s Department of Justice, including the FBI, could find nothing to support the allegations in the Republican-fueled Burisma/Ukraine investigations of Hunter. President Biden’s only comment on this subject, that his son did “nothing wrong,” turned out to be the case. However, Mr. Koch juxtaposed these two well-known Biden comments, thus misleading readers into thinking that Joe is excusing his son’s wayward life; using Mr. Koch’s own word, that switch seems a “monstrous” thing to do.

Inexplicably, the one real accomplishment of the Trump administration, Operation Warp Speed, was omitted. Was this done so that any mention of Biden’s accomplishments (the CHIPS and Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, record-low unemployment, a rebounding economy, etc.) could be avoided? Democrats did not and are not demanding that Joe not run; they are steadily rallying around him due to these successes.

These two men are not of the same ilk. The “tell” that this letter is not meant to be an actual comparison is that Mr. Koch makes no mention of “the Big Lie” and what it has cost this country: Trump lost the election, knew he lost, lied about it and tried to change the outcome with numerous underhanded and/or illegal actions, including inciting Jan. 6 events. Tens of millions of Americans have followed him down this rabbit hole of deception and denial, some even to prison. Our election processes have been deliberately undermined, and now, there is that horrible “Project 2025,” in which the former president explains how he will consolidate all power into the presidency and then punish any person or organization opposing him.

Donald J. Trump fits Larry Koch’s description of a “world-class liar” and “national disgrace” who should never be allowed to hold public office again.

Janis T. Gaddis


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