‘Who doesn’t want to walk around with a beautiful complexion?’

Bella MediSpa staff shares the tech and treatments behind radiant skin


Sylvia DiGirolomo took some time to explain her role as an medical aesthetician at Bella MediSpa in Dover. Answers have been edited for clarity and length.

Q: What exactly is a medical aesthetician?

We treat people who have different skin issues. We do regular facials, medical-grade facials, or treat other issues like melasma, acne, acne scars, aging skin, or people who just want to have a rejuvenation done on their skin. I treat all skin types and all skin issues. We use medical-grade products, procedures and customized skin care for individuals.

Q: How do your services differ from, say, a dermatologist?

People are taking more time to invest in their skin. We have younger women coming in and they want to keep that young looking skin. Other women are referred to us for a procedure, so we complement a dermatology office because they offer [surgical] things that we’re not doing. Our procedures are aesthetic, but they’re medical grade. We have certain serum and boosters and devices, like our HydraFacial machine that rejuvenates the skin and helps it look better.

Q: What are some of the aesthetic issues you treat?

I treat active acne, cystic acne, hyperpigmentation, acne scars (we have certain machinery that can address those issues), wrinkles (we have a doctor who does Botox here), broken blood vessels, pigment changes, sun damage … We perform procedures to address those issues and we do that also in a nice spa setting to make the customer relaxed.

Q: Describe the atmosphere when someone first arrives at Bella MediSpa.

When you walk in, you’ll see the fireplace, and it’s very calming, inviting and upscale. You’ll see you display case, very pretty with all of the skin products for sale. We have private rooms for different thing. We do CoolSculpting [to help treat visible fat bulges] and other tightening and fat-loss procedures, so we are the total package. We offer a lot of services [microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, BroadBand Light therapy and more].

Q: How do your clients seem to feel after their treatments?

They feel fantastic. They’re very happy, their skin is always glowing, they feel rejuvenated. We have the ZO Skin Health product line that specializes in so many issues … they are so excited to get started in having their skin look clearer and more youthful, and they’re very happy when they leave, most of them, because it’s a fun environment to be in [as] they’re coming in to do some corrective or maintenance on their skin.

Q: By the way, what is so special about a facial?

As we age, our skin cells don’t turn over as much … that’s what kind of gives everybody that dull looking skin, and if you have sun damage or scarring … we need to turn that over. A facial cleanses and exfoliates, and the HydraFacial machine hydrates the skin, delivering all kinds of peptides and nutrients. I call it the Cadillac of facials. It’s not surface only. It penetrates deeper. A very cutting-edge facial with zero downtime [for sun exposure], is the PRX-T33 ‘non-peel’ peel. It reduces fine lines and pigmentation, pore size. There is very minimal peeling and no pain, so it can be done anytime. I’ve had really good results doing these. My patients are so happy.

Q: Is there any other new technology in your work?

New technology comes all the time. The Image Pro Sunlite 3D imagining system does skin analysis. It provides us a visual that shows different levels of the epidermis, so people can see not just the surface, but the layers underneath: wrinkles, oil production, hydration/moisture levels, pores, pigments, texture or inflammation. It’s very neat for me to show them what’s going on underneath and formulate a customized skin care plan for them.

Q: What else should people know about Bella MediSpa and your goals?

What we’re trying to do is educate people about skin care. We teach people how to take care of your skin and things they can do to improve it.

I had an older lady the other day, and she’s just been on product alone. She was so happy. She could see her skin looking different on just product alone. Another middle-aged client came in and we had done that PRX-T33. You could definitely see a difference, and she said she felt it. She had traveled quite a way to get this treatment.

Everybody’s different, so we can customize to anybody’s needs and wants. We could love to have anybody walk in or call, and we would do a free consult. We care about everybody — men too. People want to look and feel their best. We always work with people within their budget too.

Bella MediSpa is located at 435 S. Dupont Highway, Dover, Del. Learn more at bellamedispa.com or call (302) 736-6334.

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