Striped bass still popping up in Delaware waters

Rich King
Posted 6/16/21

Striped bass fever cranked back up this week when Lyle Davis caught a 12-pound hybrid bass in Lums Pond.

“Who knew they were still in there?” was the constant comment online. He nailed …

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Striped bass still popping up in Delaware waters


Striped bass fever cranked back up this week when Lyle Davis caught a 12-pound hybrid bass in Lums Pond.

“Who knew they were still in there?” was the constant comment online. He nailed it on a Clyde’s Cranks Black Mamba. Another great product by Bob Waldo, owner of Clyde’s Cranks a local lure company in Delaware.

Anglers do well by his creations. Just ask Lyle Davis. I’m sure he is convinced. You can find Clyde’s Cranks online and Facebook. Bob Waldo also vends at most of the local shows, including the Delmarva Outdoors Expo Oct 1-3.

We are into summertime fishing, with some spring stragglers still around. Black drum on the coral beds on occasion and a migratory striped bass here and there. Charters have switched to sea bass and tuna mostly. Call ahead for trips and your preferred catch.

It is hot most days but recently we had a reprieve. The stormy weather helps keep the water temperatures down. Plays heck for the boaters to get out and fish. Not a problem for the surf and shore anglers minus that pesky lightening. Still waiting on the first pompano but recently some showed up in Virginia Beach. That won’t be long now.

Surf fishing is producing all the summer small fish; kingfish, croaker, spot, and sand perch. Short striped bass and the occasional bluefish. The blues have anglers down this year. The action has been poor compared to years past. Maybe that reduced creel limit will help rebuild the stocks.

Commercial landings are already being proposed to be reduced more as well. Weird thing for Delaware considering we hardly count in the grand scheme of the entire fishery. Kind of telling how bad a fishery could be if bluefish stocks are being rebuilt.

Surf anglers are catching a lot of sharks on the Delaware Bay beaches. Keep those toothy critters in the water. I don’t know if DNREC still gives tickets for pictures but there are many on social media. Be careful what you post.

Honestly catching large sharks from the surf is overrated. Been there done that. It was fun when we first did it and now we don’t even bother. Everyone wants to catch a shark. If you ever see a boat just off the beach in Rehoboth, shark fishing. That is one favorite hotspot. If the beach bathers only knew. You can literally watch people catching sharks using the beach web cams.

The boats are out for sea bass and tuna are way offshore. Check the marinas for your favorite charters. Single anglers can find pickup trips looking to be filled with a person or two, but you need to call or watch the boat’s social media page. Sometimes people will put trips together on social media pages. The first white marlin hit the docks in Ocean City, Maryland the other day. Tilefish are filling coolers.

Flounder action has been decent for the time of year. The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier has seen good action and the keeper sizes are increasing. Roosevelt Inlet has seen its fair share of catches. All around the Inland Bays it is picking up. Wreck and reef action around the Delaware Bay is getting better.

Crabbing and clamming has been excellent. The local oyster farmers around the Inland Bays have been selling all winter and summer so far.

Big catfishing has been fun for many anglers. Those big cats fight like a beast. It’s probably the only time you might see a surf rod in the back waters. Then again we use Zebcos in the surf for short bass and small bluefish. It isn’t always the gear, it is how you fish, and more importantly, catch.

A beer can wrapped with fishing line and drop the rig/hook off a bridge. That setup works just fine. Present the right bait and you’re catching. I watched a guy catch a bass with a shoestring and trim gun nail one time at work. You just have to have the right motivations sometimes, and a little ingenuity. Then again, some people are so lucky, the fish just jump in the boat, while others can’t buy a bite.