Speak Up: Delaware police chiefs pitch reform plan


Major changes to police operations and oversight may be coming, as pending legislation and recommendations regarding law enforcement in Delaware continue to formulate. State Rep. Sherry Dorsey Walker, D-Wilmington, filed House Bill 185, an act which would “(require) certain law-enforcement officers to wear and use a body-worn camera to record all interactions with a member of the public,” according to its synopsis. “The act also requires law-enforcement agencies to retain body-worn camera recordings for at least 90 days following the interaction unless the agency has received a request or a court order to preserve the recording for a longer period of time.” In a letter sent to Delaware General Assembly members, the Delaware Police Chiefs’ Council indicated support for “implementing a statewide requirement for use of body-worn camera devices for all police officers assigned to routine patrol duties and special operation events, to include Department of Correction officers assigned to the Governor’s Task Force and Operation Safe Streets.”

  • Good idea for all legislators also to wear bodycams. — David Szelestei
  • For all their “stories.” — Kathi Adronene
  • Get ready for the crime and murder rate to rise, just like they are in all Democratic-controlled cities.— Ryan Fenimore
  • Just for African Americans, right? Everybody else has to follow rules. — Ray Zelano
  • The audacity of your caucacity. — Amber Scarborough
  • Even when the proof is on the camera, people don’t want to hear it! When the proof is on the camera that the assailant is to blame, the officers are still blamed for defending themselves! — Amy Collins
  • For years Republicans pushed for this and the Dems refused to approve funding for the cloud storage needed for this.

Now the dems push blame on the police and our AG keeps releasing violent offenders just hours after being arrested. The same 2% keep offending, over and over again. How about we enforce the laws we have and stop coddling criminals. — Erin Chronister