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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hold off on proposed Milford road changes

In 2008, DelDOT representatives stated, during a planning and rezoning meeting, that an overpass located in the area of Northeast 10th Street and New Wharf Road in Milford was imminent. I challenged that statement during the meeting and expressed my concerns that the overpass would not be imminent until the General Assembly funded it and that the commission should proceed with caution. This past week, DelDOT was back in Milford to offer a temporary fix until the overpass is completed. [“DelDOT proposes two interim improvements on Del. 1 in Milford,” article, July 15] I do not believe that the proposed changes are what is best for the residents living in that area. I base this on the testimony given by residents who travel this route daily. The residents pointed out legitimate reasons why the proposed changes would cause an unintentional ripple effect that would lead to more problems. During the meeting, DelDOT handed out paper for visitors to write suggestions. My suggestion would be fairly simple: Hold off on the proposed changes because they have unintended consequences. Move the Thompsonville light that is being discarded down to 10th Street for temporary use while the town waits for the completion of the “imminent” overpass. And finally, move the construction date for the overpass ahead of others in the area.

Eric Buckson Levy Court Commissioner, 4th District Camden

Editor’s note: Kent County’s Levy Court District 4 includes Bowers, Frederica, Houston, Magnolia, the Kent County half of Milford and surrounding unincorporated areas, including those on the eastern edge of Harrington.
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