Smart Transfer Enrollment Program

New apprenticeship pathway to college credit for Delaware’s vocational workforce

Delaware Department of Labor


WILMINGTON — The Delaware Department of Labor announces a new initiative to provide individuals in select registered apprenticeship programs with the opportunity to earn up to 42 college credits toward a bachelor’s degree at Wilmington University.

Individuals will be eligible for enrollment upon completion of their apprenticeship program.   

The new Smart Transfer Enrollment Program (STEP Path™) for the vocational workforce is a pathway for Delaware apprenticeship graduates to use their vocational time and experience toward college credit without having to start over.

It applies to high school graduates who are just beginning a registered apprenticeship program, those already active in a registered apprenticeship, those with past apprenticeships in a registered program, and journey people who seek the career benefits of a college degree.  

The program is relevant for all past and current apprenticeship graduates. The academic credits earned may also be applied to additional Wilmington University programs that relate to technical instruction and apprenticeship programs.   

"We are excited to partner with Wilmington University on this important educational initiative,” said Department of Labor Secretary Karryl Hubbard. “The STEP Path program is a great way to allow those who chose to obtain training through apprenticeship an opportunity to also obtain college credits towards a degree.”  

In addition to those actively participating in apprenticeship programs, employers can leverage this opportunity with employees to help retain existing talent. Higher education can lead to promotions and higher income. Existing Journey persons can take advantage of this program by applying to Wilmington University and have their experience and job training evaluated to determine the level of academic credit and cost savings toward a career-relevant degree.  

“Partnering with the Delaware Department of Labor for the STEP Path™ for the Vocational Workforce program aligns with our commitment to preparing diverse students to succeed in high-demand, trade-oriented careers,” said Wilmington University President Dr. LaVerne Harmon.

“We look forward to welcoming high school and vocational-technical students, as well as adults navigating their apprenticeship journeys.” 

High school and vocational-technical students who are considering a DOL-registered apprenticeship program after graduation can talk with their school counselors for details and reach out to the Department of Labor regarding apprenticeship programs.

Adults who are looking to start or finish an apprenticeship should also contact the Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.  

"Registered apprenticeship programs are vital to the expansion of opportunities for young people to pursue careers in the building trades and other industries,” said Jazelle Plummer, apprenticeship and training manager for Department of Labor’s Division of Employment Training.  

To view an introductory video and learn more about the new STEP Path for the Vocational Workforce, visit or  

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