Chamber Connection: Forecast breakfast served economic information


The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce’s (CDCC) 2023 Economic Forecast Breakfast brought to you by Signature Sponsor BIG Investment Services, was an educational success. Guests filled the ballroom at Maple Dale County Club in Dover on the crisp morning of Jan. 31 to start their day, and year, on the right foot.

The CDCC wishes to thank everyone who attended and hopes they gained beneficial information about the current economic landscape at the local, state, and federal levels. Special thanks to BIG Investment Services for sponsoring this event, to Maple Dale Country Club for allowing use of their facility and serving a delicious breakfast, and to the financial experts present: David Boothe, Brenda Wise, and Linda Parkowski, who served as speakers for the day. Each spoke eloquently and made their information easily digestible for the audience of various business professionals, public servants, and distinguished guests.

David Boothe, Founder, president and COO of BIG Investment Services, gave a detailed and personable discussion about the current market trends, his advice for where to allocate assets, and the likelihood of a recession. Being a full-service financial advisor for more than 20 years, navigating the dot-com crash, the 9/11 recession, and the worldwide COVID-19 shut down, Mr. Boothe was more than equipped to provide trusted financial answers and predictions to the CDCC’s guests in the room. He was sure to remind listeners that the market is volatile and can change at any time, therefore it is not advised to sway in any singular direction too far when making financial decisions.

Next, the room heard from Brenda Wise, director of Policy & Communications at the Office of Management and Budget for the State of Delaware. She thoroughly provided a detailed breakdown of the Governor’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2024, regarding the State’s anticipated expenditures and budgeted items. She highlighted the funds designated for workforce development, education infrastructure, and healthcare. An impressive $101.5 million is being allocated to safe and affordable housing for Delawareans – the state’s largest investment for housing to date. She explained the multiple funds in place for construction, multifamily properties, and preservation of existing structures.

Finally, Linda Parkowski, executive director of the Kent Economic Partnership, stepped to the podium to share projects which her organization has completed, and which are underway. She brought attention to the efforts in “site readiness,” which is vital in making central Delaware a prime location for companies wishing to relocate. She also addressed the need for better strategies in workforce development. Ms. Parkowski emphasized the “big wins” for central Delaware such as the induction of National Vinyl Products and Delaware Corrugated Packaging,
The CDCC hopes that all their guests walked away feeling more equipped to handle their personal and professional assets regarding the future of the economy in the State of Delaware.

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