Kucek: To reduce deaths on roads, increase enforcement and fines


Ideas for reducing deaths on Delaware roads should include:

  • Quadruple the police enforcement of existing laws, including speeding, reckless driving, cellphone use and DUIs.
  • Increase fines for all violations of current traffic laws.
  • Give traffic enforcement powers to sheriff officers in all three counties.
  • The legislature needs to approve the use of speed cameras for the entire state. What a revenue generator the cameras could be because those guilty of speeding would be paying the price. This would be an extension of the program using red light cameras.

It seems that, no matter what highway or road we travel on, motorists are driving at 10-20 mph faster than the posted speed limit. They have no fear of being caught because enforcement is almost nonexistent. Police are super busy responding to reports of crime, domestic violence, shootings and the like.

Trying to educate motorists is proving to be ineffective. Maybe the violators will only learn to change their habits when they are hit in the wallet time after time.

Marc Kucek


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