Jamatte: Veterans encouraged to take good look at political alternatives


As a Delawarean and Marine Corps veteran, I’m compelled to voice deep concerns about President Joe Biden’s leadership. The handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal disappointed many veterans like myself, eroding our trust in government decisions.

Rising inflation, particularly impactful for hardworking Americans, troubles me as a Delaware veteran. The economic challenges faced by those who sacrificed for our country are of paramount concern.

In this light, it’s crucial to consider alternatives. Vivek Ramaswamy, a successful entrepreneur committed to pragmatic solutions, stands out. His understanding of our challenges and dedication to unity make him a promising leader.

As Delawareans and veterans, we have a responsibility to evaluate and support leaders prioritizing the well-being of our citizens. Let’s engage in open discussions about our country’s future, being open to leaders who can guide us toward a stronger, more secure America.

Dom Jamatte

New Castle

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