Faust: Quick action on downed tree limb applauded


I want to bring to your attention a person who goes the extra mile to help the people living in the 2nd District of Dover. Councilman Brian Lewis is always available to individuals in his district. Whenever I call or text him, I get either a returned text or call within a few hours. If he is not able to get back to me that day, he always contacts me by the next day.

As many residents well know, with recent storms in the area, many tree limbs have come down in Dover. This is true for the residents living on Orchard Avenue.

I called the trash department at the beginning of August and reported that a tree limb had come down and was blocking the sidewalk at an Orchard Avenue property. The young lady who I spoke to told me that I had the wrong department, but she would email the correct individual, so they could investigate the matter at hand.

I also told her that the tree branch was large and was still attached to the tree in the front yard, and I considered it a safety hazard. I was afraid a young child would get hurt or killed if the branch broke off or if they attempted to play with it.

Prior to this call, I called Councilman Brian Lewis and left a message. When he returned my call later that day, I explained the situation, and he informed me to contact him Aug. 4 if the matter was not addressed.

On Aug. 4, I called Councilman Lewis and informed him that no corrective action had been taken. He recommended that I contact Sharon Duca from the city of Dover to report the situation. Councilman Lewis explained there was red tape concerning the property and that if the city was not able to correct this situation in a reasonable time frame, he would rent a chain saw and take the tree limb down himself.

Within 45 minutes of my call to Sharon Duca, the city of Dover was on location on Orchard Avenue to cut down and remove the large tree limb.

Many individuals who are in public office are so hard to get a hold of, but Councilman Lewis is always concerned about the welfare of those living in his district. He knows that people living in his district are hardworking and deserve to be heard and provided the best services possible at a reasonable price. He knows many families live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford higher city taxes; therefore, he takes great responsibility that our city tax dollars are stretched as far as possible.

I wanted to bring to the attention of the citizens of Dover that we have an individual in public office who truly cares.

William G. Faust Jr.


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