Daniels: Can Joe Biden’s policies get any worse? 


As the Washington elite return from their vacation of more than a month, I am sure the political fireworks will start to fly in September. The advertising, public relations and talking points arm of the Democrats, our print and news media, will continue to spew the distorted version of how well Joe Biden’s policies are doing for our country and that “Make America Great Again” Republicans are radicals who want to destroy our democracy. Unfortunately, none of what our print and news media has printed since Jan. 20, 2021, has been anywhere near the reality of the day.

If we start with the inordinate number of executive orders Joe signed on day one of his presidency and look at our economy today, you can easily see why we are in the mess we currently find ourselves. The invasion at our “closed” border has now allowed over 5 million illegal immigrants to truly show what the meaning of being a sanctuary city/state really is.

When Vladimir Putin put his army on the border of Ukraine, Joe should have sent his senior military advisers there and offered the necessary equipment and arms needed to thwart any invasion. Instead, he did nothing and probably offered the most inane comment I’ve ever heard a president make — “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion.” He gave Putin the green light to invade and has offered piecemeal support for the past 18 months. Either he really understands what it will take to end this war, or he’s just too irresponsible to understand what’s really happening. Where are his “real” generals?

Fast-forward to the “immaculate” withdrawal from Afghanistan. It wasn’t a military operation but rather a political exercise, run by the State Department, to meet a specific date. That allowed him and the print and news media to crow about how wonderful, after 20 years, our departure from Afghanistan was accomplished. He quietly forgets that 13 American service members were killed because a political decision was made not to take out the suicide bomber. Every general on the ground during that political exercise should have put their stars on the table after it ended. Shamefully, none did.

Since President Biden took office, and unfortunately with both parties’ support, Congress has authorized trillions of dollars in spending that only supports big business and not the small businesses that really drive the economy of this nation. The Inflation Reduction Act, which is really the Green New Deal in disguise, has nothing to do with reducing inflation and does more to support those who believe in the religion of climate change. We’ve always had climate change; just look at how the Finger Lakes in New York were developed. The real question that hasn’t been adequately answered is, “How much has man really contributed to accelerating the climate change that happens on a yearly basis?”

Perhaps the most insulting policy being moved by Biden is the transgender movement, especially with respect to our young children. This movement is destroying our morals and advancing the policy that children belong to the government, not their parents. In the past, if someone was discussing sex with a child, we called them a predator or pedophile. Today, we call them teachers, guidance counselors and administrators. The money Joe has made available with respect to gender transformation will only worsen this situation. It’s time to totally end taxpayer money availability for this abhorrent policy. Apparently, it’s now OK to mutilate young children — and, in some cases, without the consent of their parents — in the name of medical care. How can it be right for these children to make such a huge decision at such a young age? Especially if other major decisions, like which medications to take and where to go to school, are mandatorily made by parents?

As we get closer to November 2024, never forget how far the $20 bill in your wallet went prior to Jan. 20, 2021, versus today. The Federal Reserve is on the verge of raising rates again, and inflation is starting to tick up again. Do you really think your wallet and that shrinking $20 bill can take four-plus more years of Joe Biden and the Democrats? If so, vote Democrat.

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Col. Frank Daniels


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