Speak Up: Response to legislative action question


In the final days of the session of the Delaware General Assembly, a flurry of bills are often introduced, debated and passed. Legislation that was awaiting action included the 2024 operating budget, a proposal limiting single-use polystyrene foam containers and a bill seeking to change the city of Seaford charter “to authorize artificial entities, limited liability corporations’ partnerships, and trusts to vote” in the town’s municipal elections. What would you like to see accomplished by legislators before they wrap up?

  • We need more support in the LGBTQ community and funds to help us out. — Ruth Hamilton
  • More facilities and treatment resource money for mental illness. — M.J. Mac Productions
  • We are used to having the legislature cram their one-sided ideas down our throats the last few days of June. They don’t have the integrity or transparency to debate them in front of the people. — Bob Skuse
  • Hopefully, nothing, honestly. The less time they spend in that building, the less damage done to this state. — Clint Brothers
  • This is a hard question. Legislatures waste so much time arguing over nonsense and the most stupid subjects like foam containers. They don’t care about our children’s schools, our safety, more police in each city or funding school lunches for all students. Then, they go on a monthslong vacation, when the average hard-working person gets little-to-no vacation, let alone money for a vacation. Politics is a joke, and we are the crazy people who vote them in. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz
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