Justice of the Peace Court 2 moving to Lewes


LEWES — On Monday, Justice of the Peace Court 2 will close operations in its current location in Rehoboth Beach and reopen five miles north in Lewes Wednesday.

Justice of the Peace Court 2 has been located on Hudson Way in Rehoboth Beach since 1998. Over the past 25 years the court has outgrown that location, prompting the move to 16283 Willow Creek Road in Lewes, a news release said.

The new location is a more modern facility with more room for court staff and more parking for the public, according to the Delaware Administrative Office of the Courts.

“We recognize that changing the location of this court may be an inconvenience for some who have grown used to it where it is, but we believe the public will find this new facility to be more convenient and easier to access,” said Justice of the Peace Court Administrator Liz Petrick.

Justice of the Peace Court 2 handles criminal matters. It is also the home for the Justice of the Peace Court’s statewide video court program, which operates 16 hours a day, five days a week.

The Justice of the Peace Court is Delaware’s entry-level court, and the vast majority of criminal cases pass through the court on their way to Family Court, Court of Common Pleas, or, ultimately, Superior Court.

The Justice of the Peace Court also has jurisdiction over a number of criminal misdemeanors, most motor vehicle cases (excluding felonies), all criminal violations including municipal and county code violations, and truancy violations.

The Justice of the Peace Court also hears landlord/tenant summary possession proceedings and certain civil cases in which the amount in controversy does not exceed $25,000

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