Speak Up: Carper, Coons protect U.S. Postal Service


Delaware’s U.S. senators have thrown their weight behind a push to have the U.S. Postal Service’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy restore on-time mail delivery. Sens. Tom Carper and Chris Coons were two of 33 Democratic lawmakers who signed a recent letter to Mr. DeJoy.

“It is your duty, first and foremost, to protect service and ensure timely mail delivery for every person in this nation,” the two said in a press release. “We demand that you not make additional changes that will harm service for the American people.”

  • Cost-savings to whom? Certainly not the poor people paying late fees for bills received late. DeJoy’s purpose is to line his pockets by destroying the USPS and owning his private postal company. — Joan McGrath
  • Part of being an adult is knowing when bills are due. Why do people wait for a bill to pay it if they know it’s due on the same day every month? Makes no sense. — Tom Newman
  • You poor soul. What planet do you live on? The first bill many people didn’t realize was late because of the busy holiday. However, our heat, gas, electric and water bill changes each month, and our town tax bill changes each year. Since the beginning of time, only Third World countries have this kind of mail service. The several people I know that have shared their late-fee experiences with me have never been late paying a bill in their life. — Joan McGrath
  • I doubt many can pay so far in advance to compensate for these lags. I can tell you, it’s taking almost six weeks to reach the recipient. Some longer. — Lynn Lloyd
  • It is beyond bad. And has had plenty of time to fix itself. I have had so many bills, cards, orders delayed by the post office. Who do we contact to start fixing it? — Wendy Shuck Bernard
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