INI launches Galaxy 110 digital marketing agency

As any business owner knows, it’s important to change and evolve with the times.

INI Delmarva has done just that with the formation of Galaxy 110, the company’s new digital marketing agency.

Galaxy 110 offers state-of-the-art, cutting-edge digital platforms and technology to businesses and other organizations in need of such services. Galaxy 110 also specializes in planning, managing and marketing for events.

The launch of Galaxy 110 is an outgrowth of our basic commitment to provide innovative, affordable marketing solutions for our clients,” said Darel La Prade, INI Delmarva’s Group Publisher. “We started with the idea that we especially wanted to serve our legacy print customers – and we will certainly do that with this new agency – but we quickly concluded there is real need for a local agency offering all the tools needed to create turnkey marketing plans.”

Galaxy 110 partnered with the top digital companies in the country to be certified re-sellers of programmatic ads, geo-fencing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and much more.

“The partnerships we have formed give Galaxy 110, and hence all our clients, access to the very best and most productive digital platforms on the market,” La Prade said. “And because of the way we are structured, we can offer these products at extremely competitive rates.”

In addition, Galaxy 110 is a premier partner with Google and Facebook and has the best targeting technology the industry has to offer.

“We started Galaxy 110 because we wanted to better serve our advertisers,” said Konrad La Prade, the Director of Sales for INI Delmarva. “In today’s world there are so many advertising options that regularly bombard our customers. The problem is that these solutions are rarely tailored to match the branding and advertising that a customer is doing in print, at events, or in other sources.

“You can’t just buy a ‘digital’ product off the shelf and expect to start selling products with it. The digital solutions we bring to the table are world class and complement our print and event business perfectly, because they are custom built with you and your trusted marketing consultant. We understand that now, more than ever before, our customers are looking for expertise and solutions from a single source and we are really excited to be able to share their message over multiple channels.”

According to the Director of Sales, Galaxy 110 was created to offer the latest and best marketing options for existing clients of the Delaware State News as well as others that haven’t yet found a match to their needs.

“All of our digital marketing plans are customized to fit the client,” Konrad La Prade said. “We have the ability to find out what the customer’s needs and goals are and then craft a marketing plan to get the best results.”

INI Delmarva also publishes these newspapers: The Delaware State News, Smyrna Extra, the Greater Dover Extra, the Milford Chronicle and the Sussex Post in Delaware, and the Salisbury Independent, the Dorchester Banner and the County Times in Maryland.