Salisbury University to offer classes on campus this fall


Salisbury University will deliver most classes on campus for the fall 2021 semester. 

In a campuswide letter distributed Wednesday, President Dr. Charles Wight said that the SU community’s diligence in following the university’s Covid-19 protocols, along with national efforts to combat the virus, are expected to allow most activities to resume normally, with some safety measures still in place.

Face masks, physical distancing and regular Covid-19 testing are likely to remain as requirements for students and employees next fall, Wight said.

“We are heartened by the growing percentage of Americans who have received the Covid-19 vaccine in recent weeks and by President Biden’s recent announcement that vaccines are expected to be available to the vast majority of people across the nation by July,” Wight’s letter said.

“SU has begun planning for operations in fall 2021 with a return to routine campus activities, but with reduced density in some,” the letter said. “While that likely still will require some hybrid classes and the need for continued precautions such as face masks, testing, and physical distancing, we will be one step closer to a full return to pre-pandemic operations.”

Wight said SU is in a better position to move to this level than many of our peers. Last semester, about 50 percent of classes were face-to-face or hybrid, while many other campuses adopted a fully virtual model.

Currently, more than 50 percent of Salisbury’s classes are being held in face-to-face or hybrid modalities, compared to 25 percent or fewer at some University System of Maryland campuses.

“The willingness of our campus community to follow safety protocols and participate in regular Covid-19 testing has allowed this and is the reason we are able to plan for a more ‘normal’ fall semester,” Wight’s letter said.