Public rises to occasion, supports Public Relief Fund

A grant from the CFES Emergency Response Fund helped Operation We Care create and deliver care packages to frontline staff at Peninsula Regional Medical Center and first responders throughout the region.

A rising tide lifts all boats. On the Eastern Shore, this is an image that rings true. But in the most challenging times, the question we must ask ourselves is -- what about those without a boat?

Erica Joseph.

As communities, here on the Shore and around the globe, share in the devastating impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to connect. Everyone’s life has been touched to varying degrees, and there are many suffering great loss.

No one is immune to the effects of the Coronavirus, even if your family and friends remain healthy.

At the Community Foundation, we have seen our region respond to this crisis in coordinated solidarity. When CFES made the first financial investment to our Emergency Response Fund, local people, businesses and foundations immediately rose to the occasion, ready to help.

It was philanthropy in its truest sense -- people reaching out to help one another.

We are all learning as we go and doing our best to reach out to our neighbors in need. A common theme has emerged in recent months; we want to share good news, we want to provide for one another, and we want to feel connected, especially now when we can’t be physically together.  

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has made a contribution. Whether your gift was to CFES, your favorite nonprofit, your church, a local pantry, your neighbor, or a family member in need -- your gift matters. Thank you to those on the frontlines, healthcare, service workers, first responders and others providing critical services to keep our community safe. Thank you to our nonprofit, education and community partners, who are working hard to deliver services in this new reality and collaborating like never before. 

If you can, continue to rally behind those who need your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Now is the time to help lift them up -- to make room in your boat. While these are challenging times, we know there will be brighter days ahead if we continue to lean on each other and learn from each other. The rising tide will come. 

Erica Joseph is President of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore.