More assistance for delinquent rent available for Salisbury city residents


City of Salisbury residents can now apply for funding to help with delinquent utility bills in conjunction with needing rental assistance.

Approximately $90,000 is available through Salisbury’s Community Development Block Grant CV3 Program.

First and foremost, applicants must be able to provide a Covid-related reason for income loss.  Other qualifications include the rental unit is within the city limits of Salisbury and tenants must have a signed and current lease.

Tenants cannot have been pursued for eviction prior to March 16. To apply for utility funding, the applicant must also be behind on their rent. A complete application and list of supporting documents must be provided for consideration.

“The need for rental assistance has existed for people since the start of the pandemic, however we are now seeing an increase in requests to help pay past due utility bills as well,” said Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Executive Director.

“This round of funding through the city will help keep the lights on and water running.  I am hopeful that this opportunity will ultimately reduce the amount of people experiencing housing instability.”     

Funding can be used for up to six months payment of delinquent rent and up to $1,500 total per household toward utilities.

Assistance is being issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the SNHS office at 410-543-4626 for application and eligibility requirements.