Amber Green: Fenix Youth Project helps youngsters


Fenix Youth Project Inc. would like to facilitate a conversation on the purpose of youth programming and providing services for marginalized youth within our community.

Amber Green.

It is unfortunate that we must address the false narratives surrounding our organization, but we welcome the opportunity to provide information on what our vision is for Wicomico County and the Lower Eastern Shore. 

To be clear, Fenix Youth Project is not a political organization -- it’s unfortunate public service has become political to some.

Fenix Youth Project creates safe spaces grounded in social justice for young people to learn, educate, and transform lives and community. We believe that all young people should have equitable access to opportunities to develop their creative potential, live richer, fuller lives and develop the critical learning and life skills they need to become active contributors to their communities.

By operating our Arts & Media Youth Drop-In Center, we are able to identify and engage homeless teens and young adults. We navigate them to resources and provide trauma-informed regular programming. 

We fill in the gaps for young people to get the resources they need to live a better and fuller life, by meeting them where they are and building relationships.

We encourage the community to learn more about our services and get to know the community we serve near us.

Join us every Wednesday at 239 Florida Ave. in Salisbury from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. for Free Food Distribution. Our events are open to all Wicomico residents.

This is a temporary program in partnership with the Lower Shore Vulnerable Population Task Force and its members.  

To get involved with either one of these organizations, more information can be found at

Amber Green is the Executive Director of Fenix Youth Project Inc.