Speak Up: Response to legislators return Question of the Day


The Delaware General Assembly has returned, with the House and Senate meeting in person on Thursdays and committees meeting virtually in January. What would you like legislators to consider this session?

  • At the end of the last legislative session, the legislature voted to significantly increase the salaries of the top wage earners, like judges, statewide officials, cabinet officials and even the legislators themselves. Some got raises amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. This was to catch them up from many years of neglect, by providing raises that haven’t kept pace with the cost-of-living increases. There now is a significant and unfair wage-increase gap between salary increases for the average state employee and those awarded to those at the top. We need to show these everyday employees we value them and their work as much as the top earners.’ This should be addressed early in the session, not at the end. To do nothing is simply unfair! — Bill Bowden
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