Speak Up: Delaware Senate passes two big gun-control measures


The Delaware Senate approved two gun-control bills Thursday after four hours of sometimes contentious debate that included a recess for technical difficulties. By a 13-8 margin, senators sent to the House legislation that would require a permit to buy a handgun and would prohibit magazines capable of holding more than 17 rounds. Sen. Bruce Ennis, a Smyrna Democrat, joined the seven Senate Republicans in opposing the measures in what was otherwise a party line vote. The bills could be considered in a House committee as soon as April 20, the first day back after a two-week break.

  • Permit-to-purchase is kind of silly. Delaware already has mandatory background checks on all gun sales — the states quoted in the statistics did not. All the permit will accomplish is to require a background check before someone goes and gets another background check. Taxing an already overtaxed system, which will inevitably lead to errors. If this does pass, it’s going to cost the state more than the bill’s authors think. They referenced the number of purchases last year to estimate revenue — what they did not account for is that many of those are from the same individuals, who will only need one permit for their multiple purchases. This will be a costly waste of time and resources for the state of Delaware. — Charles Wissman
  • So the state plans to forcibly take private property from an individual without market-driven payment. Isn’t that theft? And I would love to see the data that shows criminals are complying with the gun laws already on the books. Pretty sure that data doesn’t exist. So these laws are only turning lawful gun owners into criminals. — Chris Ostrom
  • Let’s not all get carried away. These laws have been in effect in Maryland forever. I lived there, and it was not a big deal at all to get the card to go buy guns. It’s simple. Don’t be a criminal, and you can still buy your guns with ease. — Joe Arsenault
  • Most American citizens don’t like government telling them what they can purchase and when. The big deal is victims of abuse being hindered from buying protection when they need it, not months later. Not sure what hoops Maryland had you jump through, but SB 3 will affect lower-income people who want to purchase a firearm. — Donna Lea
  • One need only scan femicide stats to recognize you are using women for the sake of your issue. If you truly cared, you would support that cause instead of guns. — Patricia Marie Diienno
  • Have a huge issue with this. So the permit itself is free. But I am obligated to pay for the background check to get the purchaser card. Once I have approval, I again go through a NICS background check when trying to purchase a firearm. I’m then obligated to pay for a training course. Delaware is forcing owners of standard-capacity magazines to sell them back to the state for $10. What about the instances where this is well below market value for said items? They are just legislating the crap out of law-abiding citizens. Meanwhile, gun crimes in Delaware often have the gun charge dropped as part of a plea deal, or the offender is released on low or OR bond. This legislation will do nothing to prevent the very real gun violence that occurs in Delaware. This legislation aims to make the law-abiding into criminals. It is unconstitutional on a federal level to maintain a database. It would also violate Delaware’s state Constitution, as well. This is just feel-good legislation that will ultimately have no impact on gun crime as it exists today. — Mike Doyle
  • Look at Chicago, the city with the strictest gun control in the country, and that is what the future looks like with crazy, stupid gun control. How about this?: These fools that commit gun crimes, stop letting them out and lock them up forever. Bring back time and hard labor. — Gabe Percich
  • Bring on the lawsuits. These politicians are out of control. — Jon Falkowski
  • This is disgusting and disgraceful! We cannot sit back and allow them to continue stripping away our rights! Making it difficult to exercise a right is basically the same as taking it away! This law will not stop anything from happening! — Brandy Shelton-Poore