Christmas market on tap for Millsboro

By Glenn Rolfe
Posted 9/10/21

MILLSBORO — Halloween and Thanksgiving are still a way off. But in Millsboro, there’s already serious talk about Christmas.

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Christmas market on tap for Millsboro


MILLSBORO — Halloween and Thanksgiving are still a way off. But in Millsboro, there’s already serious talk about Christmas.

Branching out from a very successful farmers market season that culminates Sept. 25, the town will host a Christmas market Dec. 11-12.

“It started with the vendors, and then, the public was asking about it,” said Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt. “So we’re going to try it and see how it goes.”

The event will be held at the Millsboro Town Center, featuring vendors both inside and outside. Hours will be 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. both days.

Open to the public, the holiday market will roll with a “fresh” and “new” theme, Mayor Truitt announced at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

Vendors will sell live Christmas trees, centerpieces, wreaths, evergreens, fresh flowers, gifts and more.

Mayor Truitt, who has spearheaded the seasonal farmers market initiative, emphasized that all vendors “will have brand-new items, new or crafted.”

Food trucks are being sought, as well as participation of businesses, including restaurants.

The vendor fee is $30, covering both days, and a town business license is required. Tables for sellers’ use will be provided, if needed.

Inside the Faye Lingo Conference Room, there will be space for 15 vendors. “Then, the rest would be outside,” the mayor said.

Plans are to have free refreshments — cider, hot chocolate and cookies.

In addition, there will be a mailbox for kids to drop off a letter to Santa Claus.

Vendors and those interested in participating should contact Mayor Truitt by email at

While licensing fee costs are discouraging the town from pursuing a holiday movie for public view, music or a slideshow were suggested.

“We’ll have Christmas music inside … to put the shoppers in the Christmas spirit,” Mayor Truitt said. “It might just be Christmas music. We’ll see.”

The market will be held a week after the town’s Christmas parade and tree-lighting, set for Dec. 4. The parade will begin at 5 p.m.