You are a lot stronger than you may think


For some time now I often thought that I was weak. Not because of my physical strength, but because of some of the trial and error I had found upon my life. Some of the shortcomings and mistakes made by me choosing to make wrongful decisions. Those choices of who I called friends and the mistakes of where I laid down my loyalty of friendship. Today, I don’t count that as what some would call regret, I actually count that as my strengthening point. Here’s the main reasons why.

After I looked over my life, I begin to recognize how there was room for growth. Not just in a physical form, but in the mental and spiritual aspect. I had to change my whole thought process while taking advantage of those growing opportunities. I found myself in a battle with things people labeled me as from my past and those expectations left upon me by others. At this time I was still emotionally weak in which I’d allow people’s opinion to stagnate my growth. It was all about pleasing others before I could even attempt to please myself. I felt as long as the people accepted me, I would be fine. Well, somewhere down the line it began to take a toll on my physical being.

After years of beating myself up emotionally, I eventually began to pull it together. I began to look at all my mistakes as learning tools and find ways on how not to revisit those negative results. The number one thing I’ve learned was how not to pass judgment on those in which I once was associated. I’ve learned to allow them to see the positive change in me and know that eventually it would rub off on them.

Condemning an individual doesn’t help the changing process, this is where you have to utilize love to replace rejection. Mainly the folks who show off for attention are the ones who have been rejected or pulled themselves away from society. They feel as though they’re not good enough within the society’s standard because of their lack of opportunity. That’s not an excuse for those type of people, but I was once one of those type people.

When I say people, I speak not of race, but I speak of mentality. Our upbringing can truly affect the way we think. Not to blame anyone in particular, but we must take life on a serious note and really keep in mind that the next generation is following our lead. They are watching our every move and habit. If we find ourselves having a time controlling our children, take a look at what we are doing as the parent. We are not perfect so let me share that fact, but we can keep control if we really want to.

I’ve said all this just to leave you with this overall message. You are stronger than you think. Your outcome consists on how you think. Example: “If you cut yourself and don’t look at the seriousness of the cut it won’t hurt you as much. But when you look at the cut, you now have identified just how bad it is and you let it overcome your emotions.”

Don’t look at the seriousness of the cut. Look at life in a positive light even when things may not seem to be so positive in your life. Don’t become drowned in a pessimistic atmosphere when there’s always room for growth. May you the reader be encouraged to live a more healthy and positive life. Remember these words and this message, YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK.

Editor’s note: Mr. Dashiell is a Dorchester County native now associated with Liv Again, 317 High St., Cambridge.

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