Welders program OK'd for offshore wind support


A new wind training center in Salisbury that supports both the offshore wind and land-based industries is set to open its doors to customers next week after receiving approval from the Global Wind Organization.

The new purpose-built center has been developed by ARCON Training Center, along with the United Kingdom’s leading wind trainer, AIS Training to support the U.S. offshore and onshore wind industry.

Located at ARCON’s existing Training Facility on Northwood Drive in Salisbury, the center passed the GWO’s audit process and is approved to offer Basic Safety Training -- a mandatory requirement for anyone working in the global wind industry.

Significant investment has gone into constructing the new training facility, which incorporates a 24-foot high training tower, climbing and rescue platforms and an open area for manual handling training, a fire awareness training structure and area, as well as newly equipped classrooms, office space and communal areas.

These facilities are ideally placed to service wind projects on and off the U.S. East Coast and will enable wind workers to train for the essential skills and required safety training in one place.

Completion of the center has been hampered by the global pandemic, but it is now ready to open with full Covid-19-safe measures in place.

“We are delighted and extremely proud to have gained the highly coveted GWO-approval, which allows us to now offer industry-accredited training for the fast-growing U.S. wind industry for the very first time,” said Katarina Ennerfelt of ARCON.

“The growth and positive impact that this opportunity will have for the Eastern Shore of Maryland is limitless.  We have always pushed and advocated for jobs and continued education in the trade and labor market and to be part of something that will create thousands of jobs and opportunities for people in the Maryland and Delmarva area is truly an amazing feeling,” she said.