Speak Up: What can be done about food deserts?


A “food desert” is defined as an urban area where it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh foods. Do such places exist in Delaware? If so, where? What can be done to eliminate them? If you have trouble finding or purchasing fresh goods, how do you compensate? Is it worth a drive to a farther location or do you take what you can get nearby?

  • Our house is 8 miles from the grocery store. There is no delivery or public transportation, and roads are unsafe for bicycles, so I do worry what we will do when we can no longer drive. Perhaps by then, things will change. — Kathy Spring Jordan
  • Due to the American dependence on the automobile and the overall lack of public transit, food deserts would be in any place that is populated by people who lack reliable transportation to a fresh grocery store and who receive a substantial portion of their calories from preserved food, often chips or other items available from a convenience store within walking distance. — Pete Schonert
  • I don’t live in Dover, but every time I get that way, I wonder where people in the city grocery shop. Near U.S. 13, there’s lots of options, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grocery store in town. — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz
  • There are two on the west side of town. Locals know. — E.L. Jay
  • Plenty of places to grocery shop in and around Dover. — Sandy Johnson
  • Even without a vehicle, it’s hard to imagine anywhere in Delaware that’s farther than a bike ride to a grocery store. — Christopher Dale Brinson
  • Try Sussex County. Long bike ride for many. — Sandy Johnson
  • I guess it depends on where in Sussex. I live in western Sussex, and there are local farmers markets within walking distance. — Christopher Dale Brinson
  • If you have any size ground, you can grow and freeze your own produce. There are many farmers markets and places in Kent County to find fresh and affordable food. — Howard Gaines III
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