Speak Up: Splash pad at Laurel’s Trap Pond may be in works, Round 2


The potential for a splash park looms at Trap Pond State Park, a hot spot that’s home to the northernmost naturally occurring stand of baldcypress trees. One of the goals of Trap Pond’s master plan is to grow the park, located several miles east of Laurel, into the largest state park over the next decade, said Shauna McVey, Delaware State Parks’ spokeswoman.

  • If people want this kind of manufactured experience, there are plenty of private outfitters willing to provide it, replete with gift stores and soft ice cream. Public state parks should stick to their mission of preserving nature for current and future generations without this kind of schlock. — Michael Goetz
  • I am with you. I love camping and hiking at Trap Pond. Leave it as a state park. They can build a state-run water park somewhere else. Leave the nature and tranquility of the pond alone. Most people that will use the water facility and camp will drive their cars to the other side anyhow. So just build it elsewhere, not inside the park itself. — Kim Strickler
  • Please, no. Then, more tourists will come. Easier to get into Trap than any of our other parks. — Nathan Hahn
  • It’s only a splash pad. It’s not like it would be a water park like they have at Killens Pond. — Alex Seymore
  • They need something more local for Milford, Delaware. — Sharon Brooks
  • I’ve been trying to get the Boys and Girls Club to do one for a while. — Amanda Lynn Terray
  • This would be great. — Sandy Bryan
  • We need a decent water park in Delaware, where we can take in our own coolers, etc. — Mandi Mendoza
  • I wish Lums Pond would open again for swimming. — Susan Blankenhorn Heath
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