Speak Up: Responses to early childhood education question


Two bipartisan bills aiming to improve early childhood education were recently introduced in the General Assembly. Senate Bill 59 would require consistent statewide Purchase of Care Program rates in each county, and SB 58 seeks to remove copayments for purchase of care for low-income families. What else would you like to see done to improve education for the First State’s youngest learners and the educational system overall?

  • Wages, of course, will benefit but also mental/emotional support for the children and early educators. This directly impacts the cognitive development of young children. All the research is there that proves how trauma affects learning. Let’s stop ignoring the things that really matter. — Kyma Fulgence
  • I would like to see wages improve at day cares, so they can keep good, caring staff. Constant turnover because a worker has to find a better job is not good for kids who have learned to like a certain worker. — Stan Sipple
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