Speak Up: Response to open space preservation question


Sussex County, in partnership with county, state and national organizations, has been building its land inventory in a quest to preserve open spaces. Announced at Tuesday’s Council meeting were four recent purchases: 51 acres known as the Hopkins Preserve for $1.5 million, 47 acres known as the Jones Family Tract for $650,000, 47 acres known as the Dawson Bros. Tract for $2.5 million and 13 acres adjoining the Dorman Family Farm Preserve along Herring Creek for $400,000. What other open spaces across Delaware would you like to see preserved?

The State should preserve any open space that becomes available, including buying up farms that are currently for sale at market price. Interior space should be allowed to re-forest to support air quality, reduce temperatures and support wildlife. Spaces nearer to our waterways and the ocean should be preserved for natural barriers and buffers to filter pollution and protect against impending storms and water-level rise. Ruth Ashby

Response to reusable bags question

Round 2 of a statewide ban on plastic bags kicked in July 1. The 2019 law banned non-reusable plastic bags in Delaware. Businesses provided durable, reusable bags, but many people just threw them out after use. The 2021 law bans all plastic bags with exceptions for certain products and restaurants. Do you already carry reusable bags? If not, what’s holding you up?

We have been using the reusable bags for some time now. Both our cars have a supply of canvas bags ready to go shopping with. No impact for me. Totally ready. Vincent J Deskiewicz Sr

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