Speak Up: More plaintiffs allege violent abuse at Sussex Correctional Institution


The list of plaintiffs accusing officers at Sussex Correctional Institution of violent abuse continues to grow, as 18 more filed complaints Thursday. A second amended complaint filed in the federal District Court of Delaware outlines the pattern of “extreme, unprovoked and unnecessary acts of violence” by officers at the Department of Correction’s Sussex Correctional facility. The second complaint marks the 39th plaintiff who has come forth with allegations of abuse from officers there since December.

  • It’s prison, not a country club. — Jon Walczak
  • Oh, I see, and as a result, they should be tortured day in and day out. Who, then, are the criminals? At some point, it’s difficult to determine. — Donna Williams
  • Here’s a solution: Obey the laws and you’ll stay out of jail. — Dennis Kirkwood
  • Gives no one a right to torture another, regardless. — Donna Williams
  • The idea is to make it so you don’t go back. It’s not a friggin’ social club. — Jon Walczak
  • Making prisons so bad you never want to go back is the answer. Prisons should be harsh and brutal. Put on a chain gang sunup to sundown. Take all the luxuries they enjoy and make prisons what they used to be: hard and harsh. They did the crime, now deal with it. — Willie Preacher
  • Go try it out. You wouldn’t last a day! — L. Live Gatsby
  • Well, I am with these people on complaints. This place is as corrupt as they come. — Penni Jean Cinqmars
  • Shocking. The number of lawbreakers accusing law enforcement officers at Georgetown’s criminal detention jail of not being treated with kid gloves is growing. — Todd Yates
  • Listen, what goes on there is wrong, and finally, it seems point-blank. — Debra Gilbert
  • Here’s a concept: Don’t do something to get yourself in jail, you won’t be treated like a prisoner. — Andrew Aron
  • What a crock. They are there for a reason. — John W. Mitchell Sr.
  • Jesus would be so proud of some of these comments. — John Anderson
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