Speak Up: Milford man reflects on multiple careers as he turns 100, Round 3


Throughout his life, Douglas Gibson has continued to try new things. On the way to his 100th birthday, he became a teacher, a world-renowned duck carver, the architect of six Delaware churches, the head of the largest bakery at the Pearl Harbor naval base during World War II and a trailblazer for civil rights.

  • Thanks for being such a blessing to your community. — Lucy Moise
  • Good man. Great teacher. Has been a wonderful influence on me and so many others. — Ted Welch
  • Happy birthday, Pop Gibson. You are loved. I thank God for you. All praises to King Jesus. Amen. — Charlene Singleton
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Gibson. You are an inspiration and icon. Thank you for not quitting when it looked or felt like you were not going to succeed. I thank God for you. May you have many more years to inspire us. — Larry Fried
  • Happy 100th birthday, Mr. Gibson. I use skills every day that I learned in your DelTech class. I had Ms. Gibson, as well, as a teacher in the fourth grade. — Richard Messick
  • You taught me English. You have been an amazing inspiration to me and other teachers and students. You grew the best tomatoes and sold them in your produce stand. You have been an upstanding person, and I, for one, appreciate you for you. I hope you live another 100 years. The world needs someone like you to help lead us to our passion and to God because, without him, we would be nothing. — Deborah Hoopengardner
  • Congrats on a life well lived. — Guy Harrington
  • I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Mr. Gibson years ago. You were always such a joy to talk to and joke around with! You are an amazing man and loved by so many! Happy 100th birthday, Doug! Miss you! — Anna Marie
  • Happy 100! Such a blessing you are to this town. — Kathy Reuhl Stetson
  • Bless you. You are the reason I’m a doctor today. — Barbara White
  • Happy birthday, sir. You are an unforgettable man. May God bless you. — Henlopen Bait
  • Happy birthday, sir! I hope your day is as amazing as you are! — Debbie Gill
  • I’ve had the pleasure to have had chats with Mr. Gibson. His history is fascinating and quite remarkable. He gives so much to his community. God bless, and happy birthday, Mr. Gibson. — Beth Laurel
  • I saw some of Mr. Gibson’s hand-carved decoys years ago at a show at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand. I truly believed that they could fly away. What a great talent! — Bill McManus
  • We need more fine citizens like Mr. Gibson! What an inspiring man you are! Thank you for your commitment to doing good! — Mike Ansul
  • Wow, I love to see stories like this. — Mel Hooper
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Gibson. Learned so much from you during all the drafting classes at DelTech, especially when you said, “Mitchell, you can now try this one in ink!” Thanks so much! — Keith R. Mitchell
  • Happy 100th birthday! May God continue to bless and keep you. Thank you for all your accomplishments and all you do. — Tolbertetta Harmon
  • He was my shop teacher, my architecture teacher, and I carved decoys with him. Happy 100 and many more. — Ernie Hostedler
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Gibson. You have always been a special human being. Enjoy your 100th birthday. — Rose Warren
  • When I owned a tackle shop in Lewes, he would stop by and chat. One day, he came in, and I bought a pair of his carvings. They are special to me. — Henlopen Bait
  • Happy birthday, young man, and thanks for all you’ve done in your life so far. — Bob Iwanowski
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