Speak Up: Milford man reflects on multiple careers as he turns 100, Round 2


Throughout his life, Douglas Gibson has continued to try new things. On the way to his 100th birthday, he became a teacher, a world-renowned duck carver, the architect of six Delaware churches, the head of the largest bakery at the Pearl Harbor naval base during World War II and a trailblazer for civil rights.

  • Happy birthday, Mr. Gibson! You are a stellar gentleman! I am still carving! (And still waiting for the “quack”!) I took your class! Loved it! — Edie Reynolds
  • We thankfully thank you for being a beautiful being and a trailblazer! — Michael Carey
  • A human being who keeps giving back. God bless you, as you have blessed many! — Joan Hart
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Gibson. You are a wonderful man, great person and helper to many people. God bless you and continue to watch over you and your family. — Mary Ann Mayberry
  • Happy 100th birthday, Mr. Gibson. You were a great teacher at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School way back in the day. — Deborah Jackson
  • Thank you for all you do and have done for the community. Continued good health. — Carole Leach
  • Thank you for sharing your talents with us that created a better world! Happy 100th birthday and many more. God has certainly blessed you! Wishing you all the happiness in the world! God bless you! — Sandy Slemko
  • Mr. Gibson was an incredible teacher at DelTech. Plus, he carved my mom a Canada goose! I still have that beautiful piece of work from 1985! Congratulations, sir! You are loved. — Sheila M. Smith
  • Happy birthday, sir! Congratulations on your well-lived life! — Al Rose
  • Happy birthday, Mr. Gibson. Great instructor from DelTech and an outstanding carver. Wish you the very best, sir! — Gilmore Calloway
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