Speak Up: Kent, Sussex counties see spate of shootings


Some were deadly. Others caused injuries or left no one wounded. A rash of recent shootings and a stabbing in Kent and Sussex counties also brought arrests in some cases but not all. There have been at least nine incidents since May 25, according to police.

  • Delaware is quickly joining their fellow Democratic “blue states” on the list of escalating crime. Crime statistics will get “cooked” to represent otherwise, but the law-abiding citizens know the reality, as they witness crime firsthand. — Dennis Kirkwood
  • Both counties used to be family-friendly and fun, until the lawless came in, and politicians looked the other way. Actions have no consequences anymore. — Howard Gaines III
  • Delaware citizens’ voting has consequences. If you want change, stop voting for Democrats who believe in “catch and release,” “low or no bail” and “bail reform,” and don’t believe in the “death penalty.” Lastly, Democrats don’t support the dangers and risks to their lives that the state’s law enforcement officers do hourly. — Cindy M. Starkey
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