Speak Up: How can Delaware lawmakers address hunger?


With increasing numbers of poor and hungry residents in the First State, how can our legislators tackle the issue? Should there be funding for free breakfasts and lunches at schools? Should they be given to all kids, regardless of their family’s financial status? What other laws could be written to thwart food insecurity?

  • Vote red. I’m tired of the left giving away everything and riding it on the backs of the taxpayers. We have bills, too! — Howard Gaines III
  • Stop foreign aid. — Erich Smith
  • Reduce taxes for taxpayers and business owners. When people keep more of what they earn, they have more to spend on what they need. When businesses have lower costs, they can be more competitive in the marketplace, with lower prices. — Peter Humpton
  • With whose money? — Bob Hice
  • Government is the least efficient agency to do anything and has proven that throughout history. Less laws; not more. — Peter Humpton
  • First, stop with the “free” when it comes to government programs. For once, I’d like to see the media use the correct term. It’s “taxpayer-funded.” They wouldn’t need this if this state weren’t run by Demoncrats. Prices of food and services are up, due to Demoncratic policies. Start with gas and utilities. Then, people would have more money to spend and give. Church donations are down, which usually funds food for the poor. — Rich Kerchevall
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