Speak Up: Georgia officers’ stop of Delaware State University lacrosse bus questioned


The April 20 traffic stop in Georgia lasted about 30-45 minutes. But the emotions associated with it continue to run deep. So says Delaware State University women’s lacrosse coach Pamella Jenkins of an incident involving her team, as its players were traveling home from road games in Florida and Georgia and their charter bus was stopped by police. DSU spokesman Carlos Holmes said Monday that officers bearing Liberty County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Office insignias entered the bus. The video showed them indicating that the passengers’ luggage would be searched, along with warning the occupants about marijuana-possession laws in Georgia.

  • It’s hard to imagine six officers being necessary for a minor traffic violation without forethought and planning. I find it hard to believe that any law enforcement organization has time for that. Well done to the team for their behavior and to the coaches for their leadership and example! — Chris Wolfe
  • I would be curious to know what their “probable cause” was for searching. They can’t just search. — Melissa Epperly
  • Carney and Jennings need to demand what the probable cause was or that these officers be fired and investigate their leadership. — Bob Hice
  • Every single officer involved should be fired and sued personally. That’s how you get accountability. #EndQualifiedImmunity #EndTheDrugWar — Libertarian Party of New Castle County
  • What was the probable cause? Nowhere in the article did I read exactly what the probable cause was? Did anyone ask? Anyone on the bus? Anyone at DSU? Anyone in our state government? Anyone from this news agency? — Donna Williams