Speak Up: Dover police fight trend of dirt bikes traveling on roads


Individuals racing up and down public roads on all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes has become a common problem across the United States. It began in larger cities but has spread to smaller places like Dover via social media. Dover Police Chief Thomas Johnson said, when it comes to trying to curtail the illegal activity, officers often find themselves handcuffed.

  • Good luck on that one! — Jack’s on Main
  • A couple of weeks ago, there were three quad bikes going east on White Oak Road, and they were all popping wheelies. Talk about dangerous. — Ellen Arrington Dillow

How are the stars over Delaware?

March is Women’s History Month, and Annie Jump Cannon is a stellar example of leading women in the First State. Among her accomplishments was the development of the Star Spectra system, still in use today, which classifies stars based on color and temperature. She catalogued over 350,000 of them in her lifetime. Are you a stargazer? Where in Delaware are you able to see the most stars?

  • Our home is out in the country. A few houses around. No streetlights. So, on a clear night, wow, we look at the Big and Little dippers. The stars. The few planets we can see. So bright. The sky is always so full of stars. — Denise Sloboda Deskiewicz
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