Speak Up: Dover council passes several fine-related ordinances; mayor granted $5,000 raise


Nine ordinances had their final readings by Dover City Council on June 24, and each was approved. Many of the proposals remove language that requires a doubling of code violation fees two weeks after fines are issued, but the one that garnered the most discussion regarded the fiscal year 2025 budget — more specifically, an amendment deciding the compensation of the mayor. City employees, including council members, are receiving a 4% increase, and that is what was originally budgeted for Mayor Robin R. Christiansen, as well.

  • Pay for more police for the city of Dover. No pay raise for our mayor and council. We need more police to help control the way people drive in the city. No respect for the law. When was the last time you saw a cop giving a ticket for running a red light? — David Lewis
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