Speak Up: Delaware unemployment rate steady since March


Despite some industry sectors in the First State seeing slight growth, Delaware’s unemployment rate has remained unchanged since March at 4.5%.

  • Why, when there are so many job openings? — Thomas J. Chilton
  • You can’t even get a job at some places part time for $9 an hour if you’re not vaccinated. — Dorothy Murray
  • That’s well above the national average, isn’t it? Great job, Carney! — Steve Durnan
  • Just because it’s holding steady doesn’t mean anything. It just means people ran out of benefits and can’t be tracked anymore. False flags. — Jackie Veal Cates
  • Jobs recovered are not jobs created. — Bob Hice
  • Ask yourself: Why it is at 4.5% when there are jobs all over this state to be had? How are these people living? — Laura Wing
  • Of course, it is because everyone has to work to pay for the 25% Biden inflation tax and $5-a-gallon gas. — Marc Auger
  • Plenty of jobs available for anybody wanting to work. — Eddie Curley
  • Willing to pay well? — Pete Schonert
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