Speak up: Delaware COVID numbers fluctuate amid nationwide uptick


Despite a nationwide surge in new cases of COVID-19, virus totals have been sporadic in the First State.

According to the Department of Health and Social Services’ weekly COVID-19 update, released Aug. 22, 333 new cases were reported between Aug 15-22. Of that total, 171 were found in New Castle County, 65 in Kent, 96 in Sussex and one in an unknown area.

The total number of cases reported in Delaware since the onset of the pandemic is 335,476, according to the data.

Statistics for Aug. 12-19 show that, per week, an average of 26 Delawareans were in the hospital with COVID-19, with an average of 6.7 individuals admitted for the virus during the same time frame.

  • Did they think it was completely gone? We still get bird flu cases. That started in the mid-’90s. — Jeff Grzeszczak
  • Here we go again. — Howard Fortner
  • Shaking my head. — Becky West
  • Aren’t elections coming up? Just asking for a friend. — James Zerbe
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